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Jawai Wildlife Safari

Jawai is a place where you can explore wildlife to its fullest and Thour lets you do that. We make your tour a perfect experience by providing the best amenities including wildlife safari, crocodile spotting, bird watching, luxury tents, dining, bar and many other activities. Our aim to make your visit totally memorable with plenty of things that you can enjoy in this region. This also involves camel riding, cycling, village safari, bonfire as well to make your tour completely adventurous. We ensure that our guests have a swashbuckling trip exploring this region which offers so much in a single package.

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Leopard Safari
Jungle Safari
Jawai Bird Watchin
Full Day Jawai Safari
IN to The Tribe
Jawai Dam Visit

Leopard Safari

Jawai Leopard Safari in India is uniquely exciting. It is the ultimate wildlife experience in Rajasthan that will captivate both nature-lovers and adventurers alike. The most amazing part of this fantastic excursion is that you can transpire leopards anytime and anywhere! A trip to Jawai Wildlife Sanctuary makes it simple for a traveller to enjoy heart-pounding moments of leopard safari; an expedition that will take your breath away and leave you wanting more.

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A safari to explore other wildlife existance in Jungle of Jawai is an intresting expereince which should be not be missed on your visit to Jawai. This safari we will take you on a jungle trails to witness other wild animals and a thrilling game drive.

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Jawai Bandh has become paradise for birds lovers in past few years specialy in winters. Migratory Birds, Raptors and Residential Birds are center of attraction in Birdwatching activity by Jawai Safaris. This Safari is not only limited to bird spotting but also aimed at better understanding of our biodiversity and environment.

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Full Day safari is one of the most coveted experiences to sight wild animals, birds, and exotic flora in a natural habitat of jawai. Jawai Safaris now offers an extraordinary leverage for wildlife enthusiasts by introducing Full Day Safari, which will allow visitors to remain in safari for 12 Hours from sunrise to sunset.

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As mentioned above, there are people who are living in this region for many years now and their proximity to leopards and other animals does not prevent them from taking their cattle for grazing into the jungle or go about their other activities that involve going into the woods.

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Jawai Bandh is the largest dam in western Rajasthan and offers a breath-taking experience of the peaceful beauty of Jawai. It used to be an important source of water for the local area and surrounding cities.

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